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Current work through the Coastal Futures Conservatory brings arts, humanities and science research together through the interdisciplinary field of ecoacoustics. Soundscapes of Restoration advances projects in sonification and soundscape ecology that intersect with current environmental and social science research at the Virginia Coast Reserve. In particular, this project looks at several restoration and conservation projects running in parallel with the scientific research. Our project maps layers of sound from the coastal environment, both natural and anthropogenic sound, creating a soundscape of the Virginia Shores. Soundscapes of Restoration began with an intensive study of the ecoacoustics of oyster bed and seagrass meadow restoration in the summer of 2022. We will continue to connect the soundscape to a broader mapping index of the Eastern shores by sonifying data sets of environmental and social sciences. Visit the Listen page to hear excerpts of these biosphere soundscapes.


The work focusses on long term ecological field recording (LTFR) in order to monitor the changing soundscape as restoration efforts take effect. We monitor established and new habitats in order to compare the soundscape at different stages. We also monitor across tidal and light cycles as well as through different seasons. The Listen page contains more sounds from the project.


To download a detailed interactive map of all our recording sites,
click here. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 2.10.28 PM.png

These are the field recording sites from the past three years of Coastal Conservatory Research. Download the .kmz file and open it in Google Earth.

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