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As Public Fellow of UVA’s Coastal Futures Conservatory, Roach is recording indigenous water stories. The primary purpose for gathering these stories is to understand and support tribal visions of coastal resilience. While a growing body of research focuses on climate change and Indigenous peoples, little of this work focuses on tribal communities living in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the United States. “Re-Storying the Indigenous Coast” draws on resources from the humanities to support cultural engagement, particularly in recording oral place-making. It is part of Tribal Coastal Resilience Connections, a broad network of tribal leaders and citizens, government staff and policy makers, members of academia, and non-governmental partners who are responding to rapid coastal change by reprioritizing the memories, voices, and visions for resilience of Indigenous communities.

We invite you to listen to Beth Roach in conversation with Ryan Fix: 

Beth Roach conversation with Ryan FixBeth Roach
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